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Taffrail is on a mission to bring objective, contextual, and automated advice to help individual investors. Our platform offers the most comprehensive and compliant solution for digital advice.

Our support team is available by email, live chat, and phone during standard business* hours. Regardless of issue severity, our support team is the first point of contact for any client or partner request.

Support Channels


Write an email to our team at

Live chat

Use the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page to start a live chat.


Call us at (877) 323-5974 and press the option for Support.


To configure Slack Connect, just let us know by email and we'll get it set up.


To configure Microsoft Teams external access, just let us know by email and we'll get it set up.

Each request sent to our team will be met with the high level of support detailed in our Service Agreement.

*Standard Business Hours are defined as 8 AM EST to 7pm EST 5 days per week Monday through Friday (excluding company holidays).

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